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Fresh Sausages Archivi | Poggetto Carni

Sausage with Fennel

A delicate-tasting sausage enriched with wild fennel seeds. Without garlic.

Stuffed in slim long intestine casing, its delicate taste is free of garlic and spiced with wild fennel seed.

Italian thin
pork sausage

The classic sausage of northern Italy, delicate and spicy. To be eaten cooked as a main course or in a risotto.

String-knotted at intervals, the delicate flavour of this sausage is its strong point and it should be eaten after direct cooking.

Pure Pork

The fine-paste traditional Tuscan sausage with a delicate sweet flavour.

A fine paste with a sweet and delicate flavour, a perfect balance of tradition and quality.

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Fresh Sausages Archivi | Poggetto Carni