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Cured Meats Archivi | Poggetto Carni

of Scottona

This prized air-dried cured cold cut from young heifer beef is processed and seasoned according to a Poggetto recipe.

Scottona beef: its delicious flavour is perfect with vegetables and/or cheeses.

Dry Cured Deboned
Italian Pork Leg

This deboned leg of pork is strictly of Italian origin, with a firm savoury flavour.

The pork legs are processed from stock strictly born and raised in Italy; they are dusted with pepper on the outside to enhance the firm savoury flavour.

Finocchiona PGI

This typical Tuscan salami with its protected geographical indication (PGI – IGP in Italian) is renowned for its unmistakable scent and taste of wild fennel.

The PGI designation confers on this salami the mark of certified product quality. But it's the flavour that makes it even more unique, thanks to its ancient recipe.

Dry Cured

Traditional Guanciale – this refined cured pork cut is processed and aged according to the Poggetto method.

With its lean marbling high-quality fat that is more prized than that of pancetta or lard, our pork jowl is a much sought after cured cut.

Sbriciolona crumbly
fennel salami

A typical richly-seasoned Florentine salami spiced with wild fennel seeds.

The Queen of Tuscan cured meats, enriched with fragrances and wild fennel seeds. The name Sbriciolona (in Italian it "crumbles to the touch") derives from its tender consistency.

Cured Italian

This cured meat is derived from loin of Italian pork; it is distinguished by its strong aroma and delicate flavour.

The pork loins are processed from stock strictly born and raised in Italy. The sweet and firm taste of this cured cut makes it also ideal for carpaccio.

Dry Cured Italian
Bacon with Lean Meat

From the pork belly – a typical cold cut salted in the Tuscan style, then seasoned and peppered.

Laid out pork belly, salted in the Tuscan style, seasoned and covered with pepper. Its rich flavour is ideal for making amatriciana and carbonara pasta sauces.

Dry Cured Italian Ham

This rigorously Italian ham on the bone "prosciutto" is strictly of domestic origin, is sweet to taste and bears an intense fragrance.

It is made using legs of pork from stock strictly born and raised in Italy. Cured for at least 12 months, it has a sweet taste and an intense fragrance.

Tuscan Salami

An eternal classic – the Tuscan salami with a strong flavoursome aroma.

Its strong and flavoursome taste is the result of a meticulous process of stuffing the casing with lean meat mixed with cubes of fat derived from the most prized parts of the pork carcass.

Sweet Sbriciolona
with Cervia Salt®

The classic Sbriciolona with the addition of Cervia Salt® – a modern and delicate revisitation.

Cervia Salt®, a genuinely Italian ingredient, imparts a delicate taste to the tender Sbriciolona that satisfies the most discerning palates in search of unique flavours.

Member, as Licensee, of the collective trademark "SALE DI CERVIA®" owned by the Company "Parco della Salina di Cervia s.r.l." which produces the SWEET SALT OF CERVIA®

Cured Deboned
Italian Shoulder

This typical Tuscan product is a gem in our cured meat factory tradition.

A typical Tuscan product, dusted with pepper on the outside and bearing a distinctively rich flavour.

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Cured Meats Archivi | Poggetto Carni