Who we are

Poggetto Carni – the taste of yesterday, today and tomorrow. A business founded in the eighties – built on tradition, it has grown with time and adapted to contemporary tastes but always with an eye to the future, always searching for what will excite the palates of tomorrow’s customers.


Poggetto Carni has always been a trusted supplier for moments of sharing and conviviality: a barbecue with friends, a family dinner with cold cuts, or a children’s party with salami sandwiches are those great little moments of daily life to be enjoyed together – with our products we want to make them even more special because, as we all know, time shared in good company is time well spent!

image Who we are


The value of time is what our work is all about: we are aware of its incessant flow that has brought us wisdom and we thank the days and months that go by, enriching our seasoned products with intense special flavours. That unrelenting pace of time will drive us to innovate further, with new ideas and products that will keep us constantly abreast of the times.


Our fresh and cured meats are a feast to taste, representing the mastery of flavours and know-how of those who have always endeavoured to satisfy every type of palate.